Geophysics paper

To cite Tesseroids in publications, please use our paper published in Geophysics:

Uieda, L., V. Barbosa, and C. Braitenberg (2016), Tesseroids: Forward-modeling gravitational fields in spherical coordinates, GEOPHYSICS, F41-F48, doi:10.1190/geo2015-0204.1.

You can download a copy of the paper PDF and see all source code used in the paper at the Github repository.

Please note that citing the paper is prefered over citing the previous conference proceedings.

If you’re a BibTeX user:

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Source code

You can refer to individual versions of Tesseroids through their DOIs. However, please also cite the Geophysics paper.

For example. if you want to mention that you used the 1.1.1 version, you can go to the Releases page of the documentation and get the DOI link for that version. This link will not be broken, even if I move the site somewhere else.

You can also cite the specific version instead of just providing the link. If you click of the DOI link for 1.1.1, the Zenodo page will recommend that you cite it as:

Uieda, Leonardo. (2015). Tesseroids v1.1.1: Forward modeling of gravitational fields in spherical coordinates. Zenodo. 10.5281/zenodo.15800

Conference proceeding

The previous way citation for Tesseroids was a conference proceeding from the 2011 GOCE User Workshop:

Uieda, L., E. P. Bomfim, C. Braitenberg, and E. Molina (2011), Optimal forward calculation method of the Marussi tensor due to a geologic structure at GOCE height, Proceedings of the 4th International GOCE User Workshop.

Download a PDF version of the proceedings. You can also see the poster and source code at the Github repository.